Electrical Fireplace Safety Tips

It’s an established fact that electrical fireplaces are generally safe to use, especially when compared to combustion fireplaces. Just take a look at any of the Burkfield electrical fireplaces – the flames you see are not real flames so they are not able to burn anything, no matter how hard you try. In fact, many [...]

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How do Electrical Fireplaces Work?

Nobody wants to burn dirty fuels anymore. The world is moving towards sustainability and away from fossil fuels, and homeowners who want to follow suit are looking for an efficient way to replace their coal, gas, or wood burning fireplaces with something that’s less polluting and more environmentally friendly. In the same time, however, they [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your Next Fireplace Needs to Be Electrical

Anathea Utley Electrical fireplaces are the only fireplaces you should ever get, period. The time when fire meant smoke and soot and real flames you could burn yourself on are long gone. Electrical fireplaces, from the ordinary ones to the luxurious ones sold by Burkfield are in the process of becoming the norm [...]

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Electrical vs. Traditional Fireplaces

There are three options when buying a fireplace – a wood burning fireplace, a gas fireplace and an electrical fireplace. The first and second are what we call traditional fireplaces, while the third one is the newcomer to the market, and a serious competitor for the title of the best solution for fireplace needs. And [...]

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How to Choose an Electrical Fireplace

When it’s winter and the temperature plunges, there’s nothing better to heat up the room than a good old fashioned fireplace. But that’s not true. There’s an even better thing that a good old fashioned fireplace, and that’s a brand new and modern electrical fireplace. If you choose a good one, like the high end [...]

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